Dragon 6839 IJN SpecialType 4 "Ka-Tsu" Aphibious 1:35


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Dragon 6839 IJN SpecialType 4 "Ka-Tsu" Aphibious 1:35

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Art.Nr.: 500776839 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 IJN SpecialType 4 "Ka-Tsu"Aphibious

Dragon comes up with an innovative new 1/35 kit subject, one that has not been covered by a mainstream company in plastic before. It’s the Special Type 4 "Ka-Tsu" as used by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). It was essentially a 16-ton amphibious landing craft able to swim in water (top speed of 5 knots) and to also drive on land carrying troops and/or cargo. Thus it could be considered an equivalent of the American DUKW. It was 11m long and operated by a crew of five. It came about from Japanese experience in the Solomon Islands, where it was difficult to resupply troops by sea. This new "Ka-Tsu" possesses mostly newly tooled parts, since it’s a subject quite unlike other Japanese armored vehicles of WWII. In fact, the only parts in common with previous Dragon releases are its wheels and tracks. The slide-molded hull is made from one piece, which eases construction and ensures accuracy. The Type 4’s chassis is of one-piece construction as well. Details on the top of the hull are finely reproduced, as is the cabin at the front of the hull. For a novel and little-known vehicle of the Japanese military in WWII, this 1/35 kit from Dragon is a brilliant addition to the lineup.

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