Dragon 6865 Bergepanzer Tiger I s.Pz. Abt.508 1:35


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Dragon 6865 Bergepanzer Tiger I s.Pz. Abt.508 1:35

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Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 "Bergepanzer" Tiger I s.Pz. Abt.508

Dragon has come up with an extremely exciting German combination of a "Bergepanzer Tiger I" and a Borgward IV Ausf.A heavy demonlition charge vehicle. Operated via radio by its crew, the remotely controlled Borgward IV could drop off a 500kg explosive charge. As for the recovery vehicle, it’s main 88mm gun had been removed, and a small tubular crane was fitted on the turret instead. Both tracked vehicles are well detailed and beautifully engineered. Together, they permit modelers to create a fascinating diorama straight from the box. Or by the same token, the vehicles could be used separately according to the modeler’s wishes. Either way, these two vehicles in one box represent good value for money.

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